Best PerkZilla Review: The Most Hands-Free Way To Drive Traffic

Best Perkzilla review discount bonus here. To drive any online business the main key is to drive loads of internet traffic to your website. Higher traffic means more opportunities to acquire new customers for your business.

However, getting traffic to your business and converting them into potential customers has never been easy. You must have a good knowledge of building great content, as well as excellent technical skills to drive your online content forward. Obviously, you can always opt for paid advertisements to promote your business but that’s super expensive and you may not even get the results you were expecting.

If you are looking for the perfect solution that could help you to get leads to your online business, you need to check this product out and continue reading my review! It’s the best of its kind that will help you rapidly promote your online business and skyrocket your sales and profits!

This incredible product I’m talking about is called Perkzilla!

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What Is PerkZilla?

You have probably been hearing the name “PerkZilla’ floating around lately. And if you have not – just wait! It will make it into your social networks and circles soon. The software has risen to the top of the charts because it is one of the most exciting reward platforms. It will redefine your traffic and consequently push your sales through the roof.

So, what really is PerkZilla?

PerkZilla is a software that has been designed to help businesses, website owners, and marketers spread the word about their upcoming launches. It is also ideal for growing email lists and building a highly driven environment that allows your loyal customers to be your top advocates. Through their word of mouth, they will advertise your products and services on the platform.

This strengthens your brand, grows your audience and exponentially increase sales. Needless to say, Perkzilla is exactly what your business needs. It will revamp your viral campaign and make your brand more noticeable.

Read this best Perkzilla review and find out more about the software:

going viral perkzilla

Features of Perkzilla

Simply put: every business owner loves high traffic, new subscribers, and new sales! PerkZilla review has the features that will enable you to enjoy these three things. These features include:

  • Social networks sharing

PerkZilla review works by giving your visitors an incentive for sharing your content. For instance, you may offer a reward if they tell their friends about your website. This will not only enable your content to take off in a big way, it is also the best tactic on how to drive traffic to your website. Developed to harness the power of word of mouth using social media, Perkzilla will collect individual sign-ups as well as build the buzz using the untapped network of your user base.

  • Autoresponder integrations

best reviewAutoresponder services offer a brilliant way for any business to add to their number of subscribers. PerkZilla has seamless click/copy integrations that automatically gives the user the ability to add to their mailing lists. It is always best to develop different email campaigns and use a variety of autoresponders. This will allow you to reach a larger audience in a shorter time span.

  • Data reporting

is perkzilla a scam?PerkZilla has a data reporting panel that makes it easy to view at a glance visitors metrics and the viral multiplier for your results. As such, it will be easy to manage leads and track their activity to identify your top influencers. This software also includes the option of setting an alternative tracking page URL that supports your Google analytics and Facebook pixels.

  • Auto trigger rewards

perkzilla discountThe software comprises of fully customizable trigger emails that will automatically be sent once a user reaches the referral number that you set. For instance, you can choose to send an email when the user has referred five others. These rewards motivate users to refer even more visitors to your campaign. As such, you will be capitalizing on how to drive traffic to website. PerkZilla also includes product or service level upgrades for referrals and giveaways.

  • Easy setup

Boasting of a super easy, fast and simple set up, Perkzilla bonus does not require coding or multiple configurations. It offers a plug and play system that strengthens the referral system of any website. This increases your sign-ups and enables you to go viral. All you have to do is log in to your secure dashboard, develop a new campaign and paste the code into your blog or webpage. This allows you to edit or update your campaign from anywhere with reliable internet access without having to go through the webpage again.

  • Advanced fraud detection

best perkzilla reviewWith Perkzilla, you do not have to worry about security. The software is jampacked with an advanced fraud detection and prevention center. This makes it easy to constantly monitor suspicious activity or fraudulent sign-ups.

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Here’s a quick demo showing how to start getting viral traffic with this amazing online tool:

Advantages & Disadvantages of the Software

PerkZilla has proven to be a suitable software platform for those who do not have time to do everything single-handedly. It comes with the perkzilla discount following advantages:

  • User-friendly

In comparison to other similar platforms, PerkZilla is user-friendly. It does not require coding and allows even new users to build their websites with ease.

  • Flexible

PerkZilla is flexible enough to handle multiple campaigns such as contest and giveaways. The software platform also supports up to seven social networks, therefore, you do not have to worry about missing out on a potential customer.

  • Fully customizable

The software platform is not limiting to the user. You can customize everything from opt-in forms to emails.

  • Short learning curve

PerkZilla is not scam like other competing platforms that are bloated and confusing, especially when it comes to set up. It only has a short learning curve which allows users to easily integrate it.


Even with a handful of the best features, PerkZilla review also comes with one major concern; it does not allow for the direct promotion of affiliate links.

PerkZilla does not allow for the promotion of other people’s content such as affiliate links unless you work directly with the person who owns the website. This is because you are required to paste a code into a page to make it work.

However, this is only a practical limitation. Of course, there is a way around it. To promote an affiliate link, set up a pre-sell page and motivate your visitors to refer their friends to that page. This way, you will still get your viral traffic, build your list and promote an affiliate offer!

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Why Should You Purchase PerkZilla?

PerkZilla offers you full control over your business. In fact, you can increase traffic and build a loyal customer base without going through long marketing processes. You are free to decide on which rewards to offer, customize almost everything and promote your website.

If you purchase this is software through these given links, you will be able to simplify the process of making your business viral. Be it a new product launch or even promotion of new services, PerkZilla discount will remain user-friendly, fully customizable, powerful and highly flexible.

It is the best solution for your business.